Spending money to feel better, episode one

I’m pretty confident that spending money when you’re feeling a bit flat is one of those things we are not supposed to do as functioning and responsible adults – or at least one of those things we might be expected to reasonably deny.

Evidence of being a functioning responsible adult fig.i having many children

In any case, a recent period feeling a bit flat led happily to some excellent new purchases, and I’m here to share them.

We all know I love scarves! And this scarf is a dream:

Animal midweight scarf, here

Also this – simple, classic, all the words that mean “goes with anything” and exceptionally soft scarf:

Gap cozy pattern scarf, here (happy to purchase anything with the word ‘cozy’ in its description at the moment)

I would have been tempted by this too but I’m not sure my mood was bad enough to justify three scarves, even if this one is cashmere and therefore guaranteed max cosy (okay maybe I can justify it):

Hush – Leopard cashmere scarf, here

Unrelated but if you write the word scarf enough times it starts to look a little odd as a word for such a pleasant accessory.

But wait! There’s more! Jumpers! Or sweaters, for N.American company. Tomato, tomato, etc.

Some fresh Uniqlo merino crewneck basics because these are the best high street merino jum…sweaters out there and you will never regret having one or two as an option in your wardrobe. I size up – and up again – so that the recommended machine washing doesn’t render them awkwardly short. Navy, grey, black, khaki, all solid options.

Perfect with a (cozy) scarf : uniqlo, here

I’m enjoying all the bobble and pointelle knitwear out there at the moment, but always keen to find options that don’t add too much, you know, bulk, never a great look on the 5’2 end of the spectrum. I considered this one for a while – and now they are about to release it in a camel colour way. I don’t have any camel sweaters so…

Bobble chevron jumper, here

And this, also knitwear, also with bobbles;

May have got a little preoccupied on the Next website. Bobble detail cardigan, here

Everyone loves a cable knit though, no?

From Mango – I tried this, loved it, and would love it even more if I were a casual 4 inches taller – but then it’s not Mango’s fault that I am barely holding my own next to my 9 year old – here

NB Quite a tall nine year old, though

I went down a huge Mango rabbit hole after that, resulting in a delivery box large enough to frighten any functioning, responsible adult into just cheering up and getting a bloody grip. Including (but not limited to):

Turtle neck sweater – here

And this, in the black

Braided turtleneck sweater – here

And while I was at it, why not spread some cheer around? With this for Elsa (7) and Mim (5):

Best friends necklace 2 set, here, how very 90s

BFFs. Necklaces not pictured (priorities).

And these joggers, for Jacob:

About to buy them for Wilf, 3, too, because they are great and I can’t resist a bit of matchy matchy , here

So! Definitely can’t feel anything other than cheerful after all that. Cozy, certainly. How are you? Need cheering up?

tMatM x


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