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You guys! What a month!

The calm before the storm: last month in Whistler

Mr tMatM is still on crutches, albeit now pretty experienced at herding toddlers with them. My cough turned out to be a casual spot of pneumonia. And as it seems, the regular routines of four small children and a pregnancy are unstoppable, regardless of your combined temporary restrictions.

In any case, we are all in one piece and we’ve even managed a few things worth reporting…

….if you call a change in shampoo worth reporting. I read a couple of articles (here and here) about solid shampoo, and ever one to follow a crowd, found myself in our local Lush store – to the absolute delight of Elsa (6) and to my own personal horror (sorry Lush).

Anyway, I have been trialling a shampoo and conditioner – actually the whole family has – and I’m totally sold. Even though Jacob (8) thought the still-wet bar of shampoo was a fishcake, which might say more about my fishcake-making skills than the Lush shampoo bar.

Should have gone with the turquoise. Here in Canada; Here in UK.

In any case, everyone’s hair looks nice, and the bars have a really gentle scent which is pretty pleasant to have in the bathroom. Just a weary warning to put them out of reach of a curious toddler who might like to leave one soaking in a bowl of water by the sink to see what happens.

Shampoo eco success aside, I have a new smug and lazy toddler Christmas craft to share this week and uncharacteristically, it yields a finished product that is not at all garish.

Although with garish variations available, for old time’s sake. Full details coming soon.

I have been talking about Capt. Barnacles (and making this jigsaw) for the past eight years, an unexpected side effect of having four children in quick succession.

Wilf (2) has been kept entertained through this period of general ill health with his recent intense love for the Octonauts, along with a lot of leaf raking (enough trees in the garden to keep him busy).

And I managed to sit on my hands through the Black Friday sales – well, apart from a little dip into the J Crew 40-50% sale which seemed too good to miss, especially with these snow boots as Christmas gifts for both girls:

Hoping this will make up for 6 years of parenting girls and refusing to buy princess dresses (Here)

And okay maybe also a little H&M order – would have been rude not to. Some more glitter:

H&M Glittery Shoulder Bag

Some faux fur:

Faux-fur shoulder Bag

And some matchy-matchy pyjamas for all four children, prompted in part by a recent realization that as Jacob is soon to turn 9, he is almost halfway to adulthood and likely, therefore, to soon reject and/or resent the idea of matching sibling outfits.

Last ditch Star Pyjamas

Alright, I might also have ordered the H&M lined boots that I keep seeing on Instagram (I told you I liked to follow the crowd). Mostly in an attempt to branch out from all the sinful Ugg wearing that I keep perpetuating in my efforts to avoid the cold and any shoes that require laces/buckles, because of the 7 months pregnant situation.

I will report back.

But really, that’s all, on the Black Friday front, painfully restrained – especially when it comes to all the online furniture browsing and baskets full to bursting.

Smug and lazy toddler Christmas crafts coming soon! Along with some recently loved books in our household, and absolutely no mention of this:

tMatM x



  1. December 6, 2018 / 7:07 am

    Love those pyjamas! I bought my twin nieces some for Christmas – a star-studded set with sequinned Saturn for the wannabe astronaut and one with Super Kid emblazoned across the front complete with detachable red cape which, annoyingly, I only found in the ‘Boys’ section on Very. Grrr… x

    • December 6, 2018 / 8:04 am

      Pjs with a cape = fave aunt forever?! These Star PJs were also in the H&M boys section… weary sigh x

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