This post is not scent free

I realised this week that I have been wearing the same perfume (except it’s not technically a perfume, for the careful reader, it’s an eau de parfum and YES I just googled the difference) – I have been wearing the same scent for nearly ten years.

Nearly ten years! Is this normal? Is it another nod to a lazy life… or can I pass it off as a signature scent?

It wasn’t always this way. I dabbled with a fair few other decent high street options along the way:


Beginning to see a pink theme

No, I’m not sure what I was thinking here either. A Joan Collins phase?

And before all of those, like all good 1990s teenagers, let’s face it:

Not ashamed. Okay, a little ashamed.

But then, and coincidentally at the same time that our firstborn arrived and in order to streamline decision-making I committed to wearing only black, decorating my house in only white and washing my hair every other day instead of twice daily: at the same time, I picked a perfume (eau de parfum!) and stuck with it.

The chosen one. And a return to the pink.

In any case I have no complaints, other than the niggling doubt that ten years reeks of stuck in a time warp.

And of course the major expat dilemma here, the Canadian dislike for scent in public spaces: most (maybe all?) public buildings here, for the non-Canadian-initiated amongst you, from schools to hospitals, are designated scent-free spaces.

Unthinkable, for those of us who have spent years squeezed on the tube thankful only for the occasional waft of intentional scent – even, say, Lynx Africa – rather than the stale sweaty crumpled suit jacket adjoining you from willesden green to bond street. A particular problem for those of us who are at eye level with the average man’s armpit.

The perfect gift for the discerning…nobody

What’s your take on this? Do you have a multitude of perfume options? Can I stick to the same scent for another decade without compunction, or is this a case of modernize-or-die? All thoughts gratefully received, unless those thoughts involve the resurgence of CK1 and Impulse body spray because those days are OVER.

tMatM x


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