The new Renovation

Anyone else find themselves unable to stop, relentlessly, generating new projects? 3 children safely ensconced in the school routine; 4ish months until the next baby arrives to cause that sort of perfect chaotic newborn stupor, and in some sort of heightened fit of nesting, we decided it was time to redo the basement.

It’s nothing major just a family room, guest room, boot room, bathroom and crawl space <panicked face>.

Cue the Pinterest.

And by Pinterest I mean I have spent a fair amount of time on the important decisions – you know, flooring, ceiling, lights, fittings etc… except, and more pressingly, I am considering the idea of a painted piano.

Our piano is just so BROWN. How about this instead, I wonder, while mr tMatM slowly loses the will to live at the prospect of another priming nightmare.

Aren’t they nice though!

Image: Apartment Therapy

Image: Pinterest

And, as a huge shock to my previously stalwart monochrome approach to interiors, I quite like some that aren’t painted white:

Image: Sincerely Sara D

Image: Repurposed Gems

And even more of a deviation from the white-grey theme to – gasp – navy:

Image: A Pinterest Addict (is that cleaning fluid or a bottle of alcohol on top? I can’t decide)

There are shops that do this kind of thing professionally, but where’s the joy in that? (Don’t tell my husband this is an option):

Image: the Piano Shop Bath

Green? Really off-piste here.

There are a number of cheery tutorials online with people promising it isn’t as big a job as you might imagine, although I also can’t help but suspect that is prompted by their sheer elation at having finished such a horrible project.

If colour is your jam though… these are also pretty lovely:

Image: Bake at 350

And Design Mom, a relatively new discovery to me, also made a pretty bold piano choice:

Image: Design Mom

Have I taken the Pinterest life too far this time? Can I blame being pregnant on this current obsession? It might be my fifth baby but it’s the first time I’ve wanted to paint a piano. That said, it’s also the first time that I have been keen to limit my diet to baked bean and cheese toasties and / or mushy peas. Thank goodness for the British aisle in our local supermarket providing the goods:

Image credit: 5 months of pregnancy

More soon, on the actual rooms being renovated.

tMatM xx


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  1. April 1, 2019 / 6:23 pm

    LOL! I just saw this post. Thanks for including my navy piano. And yeah, it was a bottle of mr. meyer’s cleaning spray. I didn’t even pay attention that it was there! šŸ™‚

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