On minimal living and cushions

I really do like a nice minimal, pared back interior. Partly inspired by 8 years of toddlers – enough to put off even the most ardent of ornament fans – but also just as an aesthetic I enjoy.

My favourite way to watch our children playing: at a distance, and in a concrete / glass interiors dream

A bit of concrete and white and I’m happy.

Future album cover. For after their successful law /medical careers.

But. BUT! There’s also one thing I can’t resist in the homeware arena and that’s a good cushion. You see my dilemma.

I have been holding off buying cushions for our main living room to see whether I could grow to love our big sofa without piles of cushions, in the name of keeping the room as clutter-free as possible.

And a year in, I can report: a room is not a room without cushions. Or at least not a room I want to be in. So I’m on the hunt, and I’ve found some nice options…

I might steer away from colour but I like to make up for it in texture. These are a nice start:

Graham & Green, £30 (available soon)

I love this next one from the Citizenry and they do deliver internationally, outside of the US, but as a final sale which makes me a little nervous. As does the price+colour+small children combination.

The Citizenry, US$185

But – if you live in the US, OR have a little more conviction in your decisions – and / or a little more faith that your children won’t make directly for your cushions with crushed strawberries / ketchup / milk then their whole collection is spot on. This one is another favourite:

THe Citizenry, US$135

For those of you in Australia with your endless beautiful interiors options, here’s another:

Upcycle Studio, AUS$59


And an option at my go-to cushion supplier, La Redoute (with 25% off homewares at the moment):

La Redoute, £30

I quite like this one too:

La Redoute, £28

Also this at Cox&Cox:

Cox&Cox, £45, coming soon

Very much not fulfilling my minimalist brief but still pretty special are these tribal cushions from Graham and Green. A fun addition to a child’s room (or maybe a living room of someone less colour-shy than me)

And this one:

Actually what am I saying; their whole collection is worth a peek.

Any other expats out there still have to mentally – and therefore extremely approximately – convert to to your home currency every time you consider a purchase? I still look at anything above a hundred dollars in slight shock before I realise that doesn’t mean a hundred pounds.

But feeling fine in both dollars and pounds, H&M home is getting in on the textured cushion game:

H&M Home, $19.99CAD

And also,

H&M Home, $34.99CAD

West Elm have some nice options as ever:

West Elm, £29

A little further along the texture spectrum I like a bit of sheepskin, but like to stay on the faux-side of things. This one from amazon gets a lot of rave reviews. Maybe worth a try…

Amazon, $23.99CAD

And for the Canadian contingent:

AllModern, $104.99CAD

And this:

AllModern, was $194.99CAD, now $45.99CAD

And breathe. That’s a lot of cushions. Some of the above soon to be seen in my (increasingly, less) minimal living room.

tMatM x


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