Life around here 

Well, the sun has arrived and I’m feeling pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. 

Vancouver Island, you may have had the longest, coldest and wettest winter for decades but all is forgiven: in the sunshine, you’re quite the looker.

Sprinklers may be the ultimate success story in low effort, max happiness parenting

Lucky to live here, and also feeling lucky reflecting on this time last year. I was 38 weeks pregnant; mr tMatM was awaiting major surgery. I was frantically scrubbing floors to try and go into labour spontaneously so that mr tMatM could be there for the birth…

The floor cleaning did the trick: our lovely fourth baby was the only one of our children to arrive early. Not only that, but we had an incredible group of friends and family supporting us. Lucky all round.

And… so, what else, around here?

Immunisations and a feverish baby – which, inevitably, is a path that leads me to only one destination: sleep-deprived online shopping. 

Who would have thought embroidery would have such a moment? I can’t get enough of it.

Embroidered jacket from La Redoute, currently with a big 40% off site wide (time to browse their homeware)

Embroidered blouse, La Redoute again and also available in white

Embroidered clutch and La Redoute, notice a theme?

La Redoute are really on point with the embroidery, I think. Or maybe I have spent too long browsing embroidered clothing at 3am?

In any case, they also have these lovely girls tops (embroidered, naturally), currently en route:

Look I got a bit stuck on La Redoute with their 40% sale but Warehouse are also doing a good job with the embroidery theme (20% off this weekend), as are Mango (available in Canada too, so bonus points for them). 

I like this shirt from Mango, although I just had to stop myself from recommending something with the description ’embroidered kaftan’ which may well be the indicator that I’ve taken this a step too far. Anyway, a very wearable embroidered top:

Mango, $89.99CAD / £49.99

Stepping away from the embroidery…

We’ve been busy making cupcakes here, but you can brace yourself for an actual healthy recipe coming soon on tMatM! From a super-talented, soon-to-be-dad and Leith’s trained chef who has been busy preparing some insanely tempting meal ideas that are quick and nutritious. Have a peek at his instagram in the meantime and wait with bated breath for one of his recipes, coming your way soon. 

More of this, this weekend.

This weekend: some time on the beach. A fun run for the 7 and 5 year olds. And drinking Pimms and lemonade in the evenings (ok, afternoons). Totally thrilled to find a few bottles of Pimms have found their way to British Columbia. What more could I ask for? (Ocado).

tMatM x


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