Monochrome childrenswear 

Look I’m trying really hard not to turn into a big grey, black and white cliche bore-off but I really like all of this unisex childrenswear that’s everywhere at the moment. I can’t help myself. I mean: who can resist a smiley cloud? (Not me)

Whistle & Flute, $29

Whistle & Flute, $33

Lars the lumberjack, $28, The Wild

Imps & Elfs, €44.95

Good old H&M have been getting in on the action for babies:

2 pack bodysuits, £7.99

Jersey trousers, £3.99

And for older children too:

Slub tshirt, £5.99

And always a neat justification, the unisex option; a big esoteric gender free political triumph, alongside the practical knowledge that more than one child can wear them. Just saying!

tMatM x


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