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I’ve read about the Pixi beauty line for ages now with various rave reviews about the glow tonic and primers. But I already use a very lovely (eye wateringly expensive) chantecaille tinted moisturiser and my skin is pretty sensitive so I kept talking myself out of buying either the primer or the tonic.

But then, in some sort of perfect storm, I stumbled across a number of people recommending them in the comments of Esther Walker’s very funny blog, The Spike (worth a read for more than just the Pixi recommendations)… and then, this afternoon, in the pharmacy buying nappies (glamorous) I happened to walk past a whole stand of Pixi beauty products.

I was also feeling a little morose after saying goodbye to my sister the day before – the pain of expat life – so obviously spending a bit of money on a slightly random beauty purchase was exactly what I needed.

Enter: the flawless beauty primer

I am too tired and lazy to add anything to my skincare routine, and am also impatient enough that I wanted to see the immediate results of make up rather than wait two weeks to see if the tonic improved my skin. But actually now I am impressed enough with her make up that I might well go back for the tonic too (or perhaps I’ll save that for when the next sibling visits and departs).

It’s lovely! I mean if a product can make the skin of someone with 4 small children look even relatively awake then you have to give it some kudos. My skin definitely looked in better shape than normal. I would go as far as to say – refreshed. Definitely like I’d had more than 4 hours of sleep last night. Maybe even dewy.

I lurked around my husband for a while waiting for him to look over at me and be taken aback by how fresh faced and radiantly beautiful I looked. That didn’t happen (it looked “fine” though which is almost the same?) but that was likely because he was trying to concentrate on fixing my new washing line or possibly because he is deeply unqualified in commenting on make up.

Regardless, I am thrilled, or as thrilled as I can be when missing my sister. And also, I have a new washing line, so how bad can life really be?

As a measure of moroseness I also picked up a lip colour on a whim – one for the Canadians here as I don’t think this product is sold in the UK? But for someone who never wears colour on my lips – I am normally focused on trying to just make them less dry – for someone with something of lip colour aversion, this is quite lovely:

I promise that it looks less old lady in real life

I can’t find a press image for the colour I have – ‘mai tai’ – but it is very hydrating, very sheer, and a really pleasant slight hint of cool pink.

More reviews of sad purchases soon!

tMatM x


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