Wearing blush for spring

Don’t you think, that all of fashion could just get together and decide: one of these days we’ll stop announcing, around Februaryish, that pink is now the colour? 

It’s not that I don’t like pink, or blush, or nude – in fact I like all these shades, but I do slightly resent the way it gets thrown out there like it is a NEW WAVE that we all have to catch.

It’s not new..it’s just Spring. 

Anyway, it’s almost Spring, so everyone’s on to a bit of blush and I am no exception. And as I usually wear all black and look like a mix between a stage hand and a hairdresser, this moment of seasonal change is quite welcome.

Normally I rush out and buy a new top and I very nearly did again this year, maybe this:

Warehouse, sale £20, seriously tempted

Or this:

Marks&Spencer sale, £16, larger sizes still in stock (slouchy could be good?)

Or this:

Topshop, £29

Or even this, although not sure I am on board with this whole tie front thing that’s happening, as I was definitely wearing a tie front top in 1996 and feeling pretty cool about it then..

Marks and Spencer, in the sale with limited sizes

But then I remembered that I have a number of pink jumpers relegated to the back of my wardrobe because every time I wear them I either am attacked by small children with messy hands or, I lack the time to style it in a way to make me feel like it doesn’t look a bit…frumpy?…the ultimate danger of pastel territory.

So I regrouped and decided on a new blush scarf instead for a hint of spring and ordered this instead:

The White Company, £49

A hint to the colour without going all in? Although now I realise the sales are on I am trying to stop myself from revisiting half of the tops above.

I also think some pink cashmere socks could be quite a nice Mother’s Day present too, seeing as it’s not exactly warm yet:

The White Company, £35

So, plenty of options on the blush shade of the moment. To be revisited in Spring 2018 when everyone suddenly thinks Blush is a great and New Idea.


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