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I mentioned the upcoming tMatM renovations a while ago and if I’m honest the whole thing is a little out of my league. I’ve got the Pinterest boards for kitchens etc up and running, but what do I know about the best solution for doors and cladding and patios? 

I know nothing, as it turns out, other than what I don’t like, which is a long list. And I also have a huge fear of making  the wrong decision and regretting it for the next 10 years.

So, in true head in the sand style, I am turning my attentions to a separate and more manageable project for the moment.

I’m turning my attention to the bedroom, our master bedroom, as – typically – I spent the first 6 months in our new house making sure the children’s rooms looked lovely and – in so doing, completely neglected to do anything to our room – which currently houses the biggest bed known to mankind (4 children means this is the best investment we’ve ever made) and not a whole lot else to write home about.

Said bed is also headboardless, because I couldn’t decide whether I liked upholstered headboards (a bit hotel like? In a good way?) or wooden headboards (too traditional? Or just a classic?) 

Anyway again, faced with a decision to be made I went for the simple solution of no decision, in this case no headboard -which, in any case, is actually quite a thing:



Image: and all I know is that my children would have a field day with a picture ledge this low

Image: Pinterest

I think the lesson here is that no headboards combined with some art can look pretty good. I also quite like this slightly kitschy idea from Houzz, using bright piece – or maybe even children’s art:

Image: Houzz


So we may stick with the no headboard situation, or my husband has had some thoughts about a grand romantic gesture of making a headboard out of a giant tree we had to have cut down and milled in our front yard when we first arrived (as an aside, can you even imagine how much wood you get from a 100ft tree? The answer is: a lot, and I am busy trying to think up ways to use it, a headboard is small fry).

Headboards aside, here are some of the ideas I am taking inspiration from – better known as – these are the ideas I will be copying.

Image: Pinterest



Love the tulip table for a bedside table above. And again…



…I spy the IKEA basket of dreams, above. (I have no idea what the article is talking about but let’s stick to the pictures)


Something of a challenge for my husband’s DIY, the four poster minimalist dream? (Image:


You may be noticing a theme of white here and you’d be right, we have white walls everywhere and I am pretty partial to a bit of minimalist style:



Do like a nice cosy chair in a bedroom, even if it is mostly covered in clothing rejected in a frenzy during the school run:

Image: Houzz


Lots of beautiful white bedrooms. Much easier than house extensions…(goes off to bang head against a wall / think about window size)

tMatM x


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