Spring/Summer girlswear

I’m a huge fan of h&m childrenswear, especially their conscious range. Really fun clothes and completely appropriate prices. No one feels panicked when they are covered in berries or sliding down a rockface in the garden that rips holes in leggings on a fairly daily basis.

But then these beautiful Liberty print girls’ playsuits popped into my inbox via trotters today and I am seriously tempted… 

I mean look at them:

Pink Danjo Liberty Print Playsuit, £52.00


Also nice in the other colour way – perfect for a bit of matching outfit action for the 5 and 2 year olds?! Can I do it?!

Elle Spring Playsuit, £52.00

And if only I had a tiny newborn girl… sigh

Little Elle Spring Romper, £50.00

Ridiculously cute


Obviously you could buy about 20 dresses from h&m in their place but they are pretty lovely. 

And a playsuit is a nice summer alternative to a dress for a girl – saves the whole dilemma around shorts underneath…(she said, trying to justify this)… and, the Liberty print really is a classic (clutching at straws). We had a lovely dress by them a few years ago as a gift from a friend – it was worn to pretty much every summer event going by both daughters and always looked great…

Ok, if you insist, in the interests of the blog perhaps I ought to order them… let’s call it research. And while I’m at it, they do a pretty strong line in ‘Daddy and me’ swim trunks… 

tMatM x


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