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This was a mini discovery that has vastly improved the overall look of our house. Welcome, The Tray!

Not a tray you put your mugs of tea on to deliver to your friends in the living room (do you do that? Or maybe your friends can just collect their own sodding cups of tea from the kitchen) No, we are not talking about a functional tray here. Rather, behold, The Decorative Tray:

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They are the saviour of all surfaces. The middle of your dining table. The top of your sideboard. The coffee table. Your bedside table. 

The surfaces that either look bare without some stuff on them……or the surfaces that always end up with stuff on them even though you try to keep them clear.
The tray makes that stuff look intentional. The tray makes that stuff look curated!

Where should you get your tray? I can really recommend the ones at West Elm – we have a giant lacquered white tray in the middle of our dining table like this:

I will admit that our tray currently houses oranges, craft supplies and a half finished Tommie tippee cup of milk

The smaller versions are also v pleasing

and another small one to use on our Ikea Alseda footstools to create an extra coffee table, a little like this:

Image from Pinterest as my room is full of children

We also have a couple of Bloomingville ones which are a little less…substantial. But I ordered them to tip over an order into a £250 spend free delivery category and they have been quite useful.

Bloomingville is sold via lots of different sites online but I picked them up on achica..

I also like the look of these ones from The White Company:

And a budget friendly option from Habitat:

And this makes a nice change in concrete:

The tray! You’re welcome.



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