Unexpected bargain sofa

When we moved from the UK to Vancouver Island we also made a transition from a classic UK terraced house to a classic Canadian, well, bigger house. So we were in need of some extra furniture.

Sofas are a pretty major investment, and after spending some time – ok a lot of evenings desperately browsing online and fraught trips to showrooms with children in tow – I found and chose a decidedly non bargain large feather sofa and square for in our main living room. But we also had a sunroom to fill and I was starting to lose the plot – also feeling like this might cut into my cushion-buying budget, so was on the hunt for something a little more…affordable. And mid century type, sunroom suitable style.

This was the dream:

Image from Pinterest

…but not in the budget.

This was getting closer on the budget side of things, at just under £1000 (£995) and fulfilling the wooden arms brief:

I felt a bit sad that IKEA let me down here in what should have been a Scandinavian flat pack dream request, surely? They have stopped making the Ekenaset sofa in the UK, which would have been pretty good:

Available in Australia is no good to me

(But still have the classic ekenaset chair which I did add to our living room)

Anyway, this was my solution – for the princely sum of £240, delivery included!

It was from a shop I would never have expected to buy a sofa from and I will admit I was dubious about what the quality would be like but it has really surprised me. It’s not a fluffy big sofa – it’s very firm – but it’s a great extra sofa (actually a sofa bed). I don’t need to be precious about the children jumping on it and smearing hands all over it. And it gave me an extra excuse to buy nice cushions and throws…

Plus, if you’re lucky it comes with an extra cute baby included:



  1. Steph Vidal-Hall
    August 29, 2021 / 3:57 pm

    Beautiful sofas. The link no longer works – where is your beautiful sofa from?

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