Best unknown homewares

Well maybe not unknown but certainly not at the top of everyone’s radar for homeware is La Redoute. I used to order children’s clothes from them but otherwise had limited experience of their offer.

When we moved to Canada we doubled the size of our tiny UK terraced house to a reasonably sized detached Canadian 1960s split-level house and so needed some new furniture. Obviously this was a huge excuse for me to spend HOURS trawling all homeware websites that I could think of, along with blogs and Pinterest boards. At one point I felt like I could have identified pretty much any coffee table currently on the market. But one place that really had a decent selection of things that didn’t look super cheap but didn’t break the bank and wouldn’t make me feel sick watching children wandering past with a cup of milk wavering in one hand and a crayon in the other… la redoute.

Here… are some of my purchases

…namely, the white string and wood chair in the top photo and the woven cushion covers in both photos.

These aren’t available any more but they have a pretty natty selection right now and they always seem to have 30% or 40% off vouchers floating about so they really are good value. Excellent quality things too! I especially like…


This is a really nice simple and modern rug, a nice twist on that IKEA rug that everyone has (I like the IKEA one too but it’s nice to have something a little different and at a similar price point…) it’s cotton so a nice natural fibre but I probably wouldn’t expect it to hold up in a hallway with people tramping over it all the time. Great in a bedroom though and even quite like their styling of it behind the bed in a wall-hanging kind of way.

I would be really tempted to buy these cushions if I didn’t already have the ones pictured earlier. Really great quality woven covers comparable to some much pricier alternatives out there.

Rattan furniture has been a big thing for a while now and I am still enjoying the natural material look of this sort of piece 

A real classic that would work well in a sunroom or hall, or even as a bedroom chair.

On the topic of chairs – and I really cannot justify another accent chair at the moment, but if I could I would absolutely snap this up. A note on a classic, very simple lines:


There we go. La redoute. The little known homeware gem!



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