On being warm (hello, middle age)

Look, as soon as I opened the WordPress app and started writing after a 10 month gap, I just knew that the first thing I would have to write about would be this life changing item.

And – not to coin a phrase newly commandeered by the SATC women – but truly, Just Like That… I also had the immediate and incontrovertible proof that I am, in fact, a middle aged woman trapped in the body of a twenty-something (just, you know, without the body of a twenty-something).

The real question on everyone’s lips, how do they fit their thermal wear under these outfits?

What I’m saying is, I’m middle aged, and Uniqlo Heattech clothing is my passion. I actually talked to a mum friend about this the other day and then realised mid-conversation that I almost certainly had already talked about this before and she was being terribly polite in not telling me to STOP TALKING ABOUT THERMAL CLOTHING.

How can something so simple bring so much joy? Uniqlo Heattech Extra Warm Turtleneck, £14.90

I hate to focus on something material and rest assured there are lots of future posts lined up that won’t involve purchases.

But the thing is – if you, too, end up spending much of your time standing in a cold deserted park while small people shout “watch me mum! mum did you see that? mum!”, or even, indeed, if you are standing at the side of a frigid reservoir watching your 11 year old sailing solo in heavy winds… well in either of these scenarios – or, perhaps, any rather more glamorous outdoor pursuits, your life is about to be radically improved by this recommendation.

Jacob (11) is out there somewhere…
Other cold activities include entertaining siblings by the side of a reservoir

In any case, if you run into me at any point in real life between now and mid-March, you can probably guarantee I’ll be wearing this.

Will I be wearing it like this, or will it be layered under yet another jumper?

And in the best interests of public information I have ordered some of the extra warm Leggings to try out… which might finally nail my all-black-stage-hand style, but at least I’ll be cosy.

I feel warmer just thinking about it
I think she understood the (warmth) assignment (yes that is a TikTok reference/middle age mashup)

Also I keep considering these fluffy iterations as a gift for my sister – because then obviously I would need a matching set…but maybe I’m taking this cosy brief a little too far? Please advise.

Womens soft fluffy heattech leggings. They knew their market with that title.

In summary: buy the heattech, enjoy the heattech. No I’m not ready for Christmas (argh). Are you? Keep me posted.




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