New Season Updates and an ode to Zara

Vancouver Island is good to me in so many ways. And yet… and yet, no one thought to open a branch of Zara here and for that I feel quite aggrieved. 

(Autocorrect was sure I wanted to write ‘aggressive’ not aggrieved – and now that I think about it, they might be on to something).

This was my school run yesterday so I’m not complaining too much

No Zara! Queen of the random high street frivolous purchase. It’s a blow.

I’m undeterred and they have a free shipping & returns thing happening right now so I’m diving in with an order.

They’ve been getting a bit of a nod with their AW17 dresses and, well, I never wear dresses but maybe this is the season that I’ll start.

Velvet is having a bit of a moment right now and although the last time I dabbled in velvet clothing was a velvet blazer from Camden market (two for £10, my teenage BFF will remember this purchase) I think twenty years later I’m ready to try again. 

And why not with this:

Crossover Velvet Dress, 49.90CAD / (you are allowed to skip the green shoes)

Look this midi length is definitely sticking around but if you – like me – are a little bit, well, short, then this next dress might be a good option (I will be relying heavily on a good pair of opaque tights with many of these)… I think the classic wrapover style and long sleeves balance out the shorter length:

Also 49.90CAD

Less velvet but still on the crossover, if you don’t already have something like this in your wardrobe I can guarantee it as extremely versatile…

Also, wait for it, 49.90CAD think their pricing dept got stuck on this number?

And more – on a theme, but also a nod to this season’s thing for dark floral:

Shock! This one is 69.90CAD

I also really like this, but now we’re just back on a general black theme…

99.90, pricing dept getting carried away now

Away from black and therefore venturing out of my uniform but perhaps for good reason, this jumpsuit which was featured on mothershoppers recently, belted, looking really great -on their Instagram. Definitely worth a try. 

Back to the comfort zone of 49.90 CAD

Also for anyone in the UK (actually maybe they do international delivery…) and enjoying the new checked coats seen, well everywhere, can I recommend you drop into your local Miss Selfridge, elbow your way past some teenagers and have a peek at their jackets which are surprisingly good quality, and also come in sizes that work well for the smaller shouldered of us. I’m looking at these with interest: 


and this lighter weight option:

£42, I am not sticking to a cohesive currency option in this post. Apologies

Sitting on my hands to stop myself from ordering everything but some of it will definitely be making its way to Vancouver Island shortly. Also, I have an excellent skirt recommendation for you coming up (with UK and US/Canadian options) but that is so good it’s worthy of a whole new post. 

Autumn! Fall! Potato! Potahto! Who cares as long as we’ve got some shiny new things to wear.

tMatM x


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